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Ovid, Amores

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Ovid, Amores
Ovid, Amores (tr. A. S. Kline)
Ovid, Amores (Genius)
militat omnis amans , et habet sua castra Cupido ;
Attice , crede mihi , militat omnis amans .
quae bello est habilis , Veneri quoque convenit aetas .
turpe senex miles , turpe senilis amor .
quos petiere duces animos in milite forti ,
hos petit in socio bella puella viro .
pervigilant ambo ; terra requiescit uterque—
ille fores dominae servat , at ille ducis .
militis officium longa est via ; mitte puellam ,
strenuus exempto fine sequetur amans .
ibit in adversos montes duplicataque nimbo
flumina , congestas exteret ille nives ,
nec freta pressurus tumidos causabitur Euros
aptave verrendis sidera quaeret aquis .
quis nisi vel miles vel amans et frigora noctis
et denso mixtas perferet imbre nives ?
mittitur infestos alter speculator in hostes ;
in rivale oculos alter , ut hoste , tenet .
ille graves urbes , hic durae limen amicae
obsidet ; hic portas frangit , at ille fores .
saepe soporatos invadere profuit hostes
caedere et armata vulgus inerme manu .
sic fera Threicii ceciderunt agmina Rhesi ,
et dominum capti deseruistis equi .
nempe maritorum somnis utuntur amantes ,
et sua sopitis hostibus arma movent .
custodum transire manus vigilumque catervas
militis et miseri semper amantis opus .
mars dubius nec certa Venus ; victique resurgunt ,
quosque neges umquam posse iacere , cadunt .
ergo desidiam quicumque vocabat amorem ,
desinat . ingenii est experientis amor
Every lover’s in arms , and Cupid holds the fort :
Atticus , believe me , every lover’s in arms ,
The age that’s good for war , is also right for love .
An old soldier’s a disgrace , and an old lover .
That spirit a commander looks for in a brave army ,
a lovely girl looks for love in a love partner .
Both keep watch : both sleep on the ground ,
One serves at his lady’s entrance , the other his general’s .
A long road’s a solder’s task : but send the girl off ,
And a restless lover will follow her to the end .
He’ll go against mountains and bend into stormy rivers ,
He’ll push his way through swollen snowdrifts ,
He’ll not rely on excuses , like angry northerlies ,
Or waiting for suitable stars to take to the waves .
Who but a soldier or a lover could endure
Cold nights of dense snow mixed with rain ?
One’s sent out to spy on attacking forces :
The other keeps eye on his rival , his enemy .
This one lays siege to strong cities , that one his harsh friend’s entrance : one breaks down gates , the other doors .
Often it helps to attack a sleeping enemy ,
And strike the unarmed mass with armed hand .
That’s how Rhesus and his fierce Thracians were killed and forfeited the leader’s captured mares .
Lovers , for sure , will make use of a husbands’s sleep
And employ their arms while the enemy slumbers .
Getting past watchman’s hands , and enemy sentinels
Is work for soldiers and wretched lovers .
Mars is chancy , Venus uncertain : the fallen can rise again ,
While those you think could never be thrown are beaten .
So if you’ve called all lovers idlers , forget it .
Love is all experience and ability .
Every lover serves as a soldier , also Cupid has his own camp ;
Believe me , Atticus , every lover serves as a soldier .
The age which is apt for war , is also suitable for Love :
Disgraceful [ is ] an old man as a soldier , disgraceful [ is ] an elderly lover .
Those spirits which leaders look for in a brave soldier ,
A beautiful girl seeks these in a man as her companion :
Both keep watch at night ; each rests on the ground ;
That one guards the doors of his mistress , that one his general’s .
The duty of the soldier is the long road : send the girl away ,
The vigorous lover will follow with boundary removed ;
He will go onto hostile mountains and rivers doubled
By a rainstorm , he will tread his way through piled up snows ,
Nor [ when ] about to press the seas , will he plead the swollen Southeast Wind
And seek stars suitable for sweeping across the waters .
Who , if neither a soldier nor a lover , will endure the frosts
Of the night and snow mixed with dense rain ?
One is sent among the hostile foes as a spy ,
The other keeps his eye upon his rival , as his enemy .
That one besieges mighty cities , that one the threshold of
A harsh girlfriend ; one breaks down gates , the other doors .
Often it has been beneficial to attack sleepy enemies
And to slaughter an unarmed crowd with an armed hand ;
Thus the fierce troops of Thracian Rhesus fell ,
And you , captured horses , deserted your master :
Certainly lovers use the sleep of husbands
And move their weapons after the enemies sleep .
It is always the work of a soldier and a wretched lover
To pass through the bands of guards and troops of watchmen .
Mars is doubtful nor is Venus certain ; and the conquered rise again ,
And those whom you say never could be brought down , fall .
Therefore whoever called love idleness ,
May he stop : love has an active nature .

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Prometheus Bound Loeb English Translation

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Χθονὸς - fem. gen, sg (noun) - Earth τήλουρον - fem, acc, sg (adj) - with distant boundaries ἥκομεν - 1p pl present act (verb) - we have come, be present πέδον - sg neut voc/acc (noun) ground, earth οἷμον - sg masc acc (noun) - way, road, path. (does not align well to the translation) ἄβροτον - sg neut voc (adj) holy, immortal, without men solitary ἐρημίαν - sg fem acc (noun) a solitude, desert, wilderness μέλειν - pres inf (verb) - to be an object of care ἐπιστολὰς - pl fem acc (noun) - anything sent by a messenger, message, order, commission ἐφεῖτο - 3p sg impf mp indic - to set on or incite to do τόνδε - this - pron sg masc acc indeclform πέτραις - pl fem dat (noun) - rocks ὑψηλοκρήμνοις - (adj) - with lofty cliffs τὸν λεωργὸν ὀχμάσαι (phrase) to bind him fast ἀδαμαντίνων - pl fem gen (adj) - adamantine, of steel ἀρρήκτοις - pl fem dat (adj) - unbroken, not to be broken, πέδαις - pl fem dat (noun) - fetter δεσμῶν - noun pl neut or mas gen (noun) - band, bond, anything for tying and fastening, ἄνθος - (phrase) Aesch., Thuc.; τὸ σὸν ἄνθος thy pride or honour, Aesch. παντέχνου - sg masc gen (adj) assistant of all arts πυρὸς - sg neut gen (noun) - fire σέλας - sg neut nom (noun) - light, brightness, flame ὤπασεν - verb 3rd sg aor ind act - make to follow, send with ὤπασεν - verb 3rd sg aor ind act - make to follow, send with θνητοῖσι - (verb)pl fem, masc, or neuter dat epic ionic aeolic - mortal ἁμαρτίας - (noun) - a failure, fault, sin, σφε -their, their own, belonging to them δεῖ - sg masc dat (noun) - god θεοῖς - sg masc dat (noun) - gods δοῦναι - verb aor inf act - sense, to give δίκην - sg fem acc attic epic ionic(noun) - the penalty awarded by the judge, κλέψας - (verb) part pl aor act masc dat - to steal, filch, purloin, διδαχθῇ - verb 3rd sg aor subj pass - instruct, teach τυραννίδα - sg fem acc (noun) - monarchy, sovereignty στέργειν - verb pres inf act - to love, feel affection - used loosely in this translation. παύεσθαι - verb pres inf mp - make to end δή - partic indeclform - exactnes τέλος - sg neut acc (noun) - coming to pass, performance, consummation τρόπου - noun sg masc gen - a turn, direction, course, way ἐντολὴ - noun sg fem nom - injunction, order, command, σφῷν - Various options: pron 2nd dual gen/dat attic indeclform- thou of you κοὐδὲν - sg neut acc pronoun -not one ἐμποδὼν - adv indeclform - before the feet, in the way, in one's path ἔτι -adv indeclform- yet, still ἄτολμός - adj sg fem/masc - nom not having the heart to do a thing εἰμι - verb 1st sg pres ind act - to go συγγενῆ - adj sg masc acc - a kinsman, relative, of the same kin, descent or family with another δῆσαι - verb aor inf act - to bind, tie, fetter φάραγγι - noun sg fem dat -a cleft or chasm in a mountain, a ravine, gully δυσχειμέρῳ - adj sg fem dat - suffering from hard winters, very wintry, freezing, τῶνδέ - pron pl neut/masc/fen gen - this βαρύ - adj sg neut acc - of persons, severe, stern ὀρθοβούλου - adj sg fem gen - right-counselling, wise, αἰπυμῆτα - noun sg masc gen- with high thoughts δυσλύτοις - dat pl neut or masc adj - indissoluble χαλκεύμασιν - dat neut pl - in/with bronze/copper instruments προσπασσαλεύσω - verb 1st sg aor subj act - nail fast to ἀπανθρώπῳ - adj sg masc dat - far from men ἅκων - nom sg mas noun - unwilling, reluctant ἅκοντά - masc, nom, acc noun - unwilling φωνὴν - noun sg fem acc -produce a sound μορφὴν - noun sg fem acc - shape, fashion, mould βροτῶν - noun pl masc gen - man
Ἑλληνική Transliterate
Aeschylus Prometheus Bound Loeb Classical Library
Χθονὸς μὲν εἰς τήλουρον ἥκομεν πέδον ,
Σκύθην ἐς οἷμον , ἄβροτον εἰς ἐρημίαν .
Ἥφαιστε , σοὶ δὲ χρὴ μέλειν ἐπιστολὰς
ἅς σοι πατὴρ ἐφεῖτο , τόνδε πρὸς πέτραις
5ὑψηλοκρήμνοις τὸν λεωργὸν ὀχμάσαι
ἀδαμαντίνων δεσμῶν ἐν ἀρρήκτοις πέδαις .
τὸ σὸν γὰρ ἄνθος , παντέχνου πυρὸς σέλας ,
θνητοῖσι κλέψας ὤπασεν · τοιᾶσδέ τοι
ἁμαρτίας σφε δεῖ θεοῖς δοῦναι δίκην ,
10ὡς ἂν διδαχθῇ τὴν Διὸς τυραννίδα
στέργειν , φιλανθρώπου δὲ παύεσθαι τρόπου .
Κράτος Βία τε , σφῷν μὲν ἐντολὴ Διὸς
ἔχει τέλος δή , κοὐδὲν ἐμποδὼν ἔτι .
ἐγὼ δ᾿ ἄτολμός εἰμι συγγενῆ θεὸν
15δῆσαι βίᾳ φάραγγι πρὸς δυσχειμέρῳ ·
πάντως δ᾿ ἀνάγκη τῶνδέ μοι τόλμαν σχεθεῖν ,
εὐωριάζειν γὰρ πατρὸς λόγους βαρύ .
τῆς ὀρθοβούλου Θέμιδος αἰπυμῆτα παῖ ,
ἅκοντά σ᾿ ἅκων δυσλύτοις χαλκεύμασιν
20προσπασσαλεύσω τῷδ᾿ ἀπανθρώπῳ πάγῳ ,
ἵν᾿ οὔτε φωνὴν οὔτε του μορφὴν βροτῶν
2ἄβροτον ( or ἄδροτον ) t : ἄβατον codd . t .
6ἀδαμαντίνων δεσμῶν ἐν t : ἀδαμαντίναις ( -οις , -ῃς ) πέδησιν ( -αις or -αισιν I , -οις ) ἐν ( om . ) codd .
6πέδαις t : πέτραις codd .
17εὐωριάζειν Porson : ἐξωριάζειν codd .

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