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Apuleius, Metamorphoses 4.33.1-34.1

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  • Translated by S. Ruden (left) vs. C. Whibley (right)
  • Aligned by Colin Brake
The entire city groaned in unison over the plight of the afflicted household , and a cessation of business in conformity to public mourning was immediately decreed . But the necessity of obeying the gods’ orders drove poor little Psyche to her fated punishment . After the solemnization of her funereal bridal amid an uproar of lamentation , the whole city escorted her forth as a sort of living corpse , and the sobbing girl attended not her wedding but her own burial procession .
Sic affectae domus triste fatum cuncta etiam civitas congemebat , luctuque publico confestim congruens edicitur iustitium . Sed monitis caelestibus parendi necessitas misellam Psychen ad destinatam poenam efflagitabat : perfectis igitur feralis thalami cum summo maerore sollemnibus toto prosequente populo vivum producitur funus et lacrimosa Psyche comitatur non nuptias sed exequias suas .
The whole city united in bewailing the sad fate which had fallen upon this house ; and in view of the public mourning a suspension of all business was very properly decreed .
Nothing short of the necessity of obedience to the admonitions of heaven urged on the exposure of poor little Psyche to the appointed penalty . Accordingly , after the rites of funereal wedlock had been solemnized amid the greatest grief , she is brought out alive for burial : Psyche walks all in tears , not in her wedding , but in her funeral procession .

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