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Sarah Svahn Odyssey 5 – Alignment exercise

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  • Translated by Sarah Svahn
  • Aligned by Sarah Svahn
So he spoke , and Kalypso , shining among divinities ,
shuddered , and answered him in winged words and addressed him :
‘You are hard-hearted , you gods , and jealous beyond all creatures
beside , when you are resentful toward the goddesses for sleeping
120 openly with such men as each has made her true husband .
So when Dawn of the rosy fingers chose out Orion ,
all you gods who live at your ease were full of resentment ,

until chaste Artemis of the golden throne in Ortygia
came with a visitation of painless arrows and killed him ;
125 and so it was when Demeter of the lovely hair , yielding
to her desire , lay down with Iasion and loved him
in a thrice-turned field , it was not long before this was made known
to Zeus , who struck him down with a cast of the shining thunderbolt .
So now , you gods , you resent it in me that I keep beside me
130 a man , the one I saved when he clung astride of the keel board
all alone , since Zeus with a cast of the shining thunderbolt
had shattered his fast ship midway on the wine-blue water .
Then all the rest of his excellent companions perished ,
but the wind and the current carried him here and here they drove him ,
135 and I gave him my love and cherished him , and I had hopes also
that I could make him immortal and all his days to be endless .
But since there is no way for another god to elude the purpose
of aegis-bearing Zeus or bring it to nothing , let him go ,
let him go , if he himself is asking for this and desires it ,
140 out on the barren sea ; but I will not give him conveyance ,
for I have not any ships by me nor any companions
who can convey him back across the sea ' s wide ridges ;
but I will freely give him my counsel and hold back nothing ,
so that all without harm he can come back to his own country .
145 Then in turn the courier Argeïphontes answered her : ‘Then send
him accordingly on his way , and beware of the anger
of Zeus , lest he hold a grudge hereafter and rage against you .
Calypso shuddered and let fly at him .
" You cruel , jealous gods ! You bear a grudge
whenever any goddess takes a man
to sleep with as a lover in her bed . 120
Just so the gods who live at ease were angry
when rosy-fingered Dawn took up Orion ,
and from her golden throne , chaste Artemis
attacked and killed him with her gentle arrows .
Demeter with the cornrows in her hair
indulged her own desire , and she made love
with Iasion in triple-furrowed fields—
till Zeus found out , hurled flashing flame and killed him .
So now , you male gods are upset with me f
or living with a man . A man I saved ! 130
Zeus pinned his ship and with his flash of lightning
smashed it to pieces . All his friends were killed
out on the wine-dark sea . This man alone ,
clutching the keel , was swept by wind and wave ,
and came here , to my home . I cared for him
and loved him , and I vowed to set him free
from time and death forever . Still , I know
no other god can change the will of Zeus .
So let him go , if that is Zeus’ order ,
across the barren sea . I will not give 140
an escort for this trip across the water ;
I have no ships or rowers . But I will
share what I know with him , and gladly give
useful advice so he can safely reach
his home . " The mediator , Zeus’ servant ,
replied , " Then send him now , avoid the wrath
of Zeus , do not enrage him , or one day
his rage will hurt you . " With these words , he vanished .
ὣς φάτο , ῥίγησεν δὲ Καλυψώ , δῖα θεάων ,
καί μιν φωνήσασʼ ἔπεα πτερόεντα προσηύδα ·
σχέτλιοί ἐστε , θεοί , ζηλήμονες ἔξοχον ἄλλων ,
οἵ τε θεαῖς ἀγάασθε παρʼ ἀνδράσιν εὐνάζεσθαι
ἀμφαδίην , ἤν τίς τε φίλον ποιήσετʼ ἀκοίτην . 120
ὣς μὲν ὅτʼ Ὠρίωνʼ ἕλετο ῥοδοδάκτυλος Ἠώς ,
τόφρα οἱ ἠγάασθε θεοὶ ῥεῖα ζώοντες ,
ἧος ἐν Ὀρτυγίῃ χρυσόθρονος Ἄρτεμις ἁγνὴ
οἷς ἀγανοῖς βελέεσσιν ἐποιχομένη κατέπεφνεν .
ὣς δʼ ὁπότʼ Ἰασίωνι ἐυπλόκαμος Δημήτηρ , 125
θυμῷ εἴξασα , μίγη φιλότητι καὶ εὐνῇ
νειῷ ἔνι τριπόλῳ · οὐδὲ δὴν ἦεν ἄπυστος
Ζεύς , ὅς μιν κατέπεφνε βαλὼν ἀργῆτι κεραυνῷ .
ὥς δʼ αὖ νῦν μοι ἄγασθε , θεοί , βροτὸν ἄνδρα παρεῖναι .
τὸν μὲν ἐγὼν ἐσάωσα περὶ τρόπιος βεβαῶτα 130
οἶον , ἐπεί οἱ νῆα θοὴν ἀργῆτι κεραυνῷ
Ζεὺς ἔλσας ἐκέασσε μέσῳ ἐνὶ οἴνοπι πόντῳ .
ἔνθʼ ἄλλοι μὲν πάντες ἀπέφθιθεν ἐσθλοὶ ἑταῖροι ,
τὸν δʼ ἄρα δεῦρʼ ἄνεμός τε φέρων καὶ κῦμα πέλασσε .
τὸν μὲν ἐγὼ φίλεόν τε καὶ ἔτρεφον , ἠδὲ ἔφασκον 135
θήσειν ἀθάνατον καὶ ἀγήραον ἤματα πάντα .
ἀλλʼ ἐπεὶ οὔ πως ἔστι Διὸς νόον αἰγιόχοιο
οὔτε παρεξελθεῖν ἄλλον θεὸν οὔθʼ ἁλιῶσαι ,
ἐρρέτω , εἴ μιν κεῖνος ἐποτρύνει καὶ ἀνώγει ,
πόντον ἐπʼ ἀτρύγετον · πέμψω δέ μιν οὔ πῃ ἐγώ γε · 140
οὐ γάρ μοι πάρα νῆες ἐπήρετμοι καὶ ἑταῖροι ,
οἵ κέν μιν πέμποιεν ἐπʼ εὐρέα νῶτα θαλάσσης .
αὐτάρ οἱ πρόφρων ὑποθήσομαι , οὐδʼ ἐπικεύσω ,
ὥς κε μάλʼ ἀσκηθὴς ἣν πατρίδα γαῖαν ἵκηται .
τὴν δʼ αὖτε προσέειπε διάκτορος ἀργεϊφόντης · 145
οὕτω νῦν ἀπόπεμπε , Διὸς δʼ ἐποπίζεο μῆνιν ,
μή πώς τοι μετόπισθε κοτεσσάμενος χαλεπήνῃ .

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